Have you thought about taking a cancellation / theft insurance for your tickets ?


With T2GP, you have the option to subscribe to a cancellation insurance to cover yourself and the persons you are travelling with, in case you can not reach the Grand Prix. The management of this insurance is left to specialists, renowned Internationally such as Axa Insurances and Chapka insurances. 


Book your tickets safely and with serenity several months before the event. Thanks to the T2GP cancellation / theft insurance, you can compensate for any unexpected!


The pro's T2GP:

- Cancellation insurance, insurance for tickets theft 

- From 13 euros

- Immediate coverage from the date of purchase of your ticket

Managed by professionals renowned international insurance





What should you do when you need us?

Your T2GP agency subscribed a contract for insurance and/or travel assistance for you, to allow you to benefit from maximum protection before and/or during your stay.

This document is contractual and presents the “General Provisions” of the CAP contracts developed by CHAPKA ASSURANCES and AXA ASSISTANCE.

•Cap Annulation Contract no. 080211601

According to the contract that you have chosen, you will benefit from all or a portion of the guarantees presented in this document. Refer to the “contract” provided to you by your broker or travel agent; this document states the name of the contract chosen, the policy number (or contract number) associated with this product, the premium paid, the last and first names of the Beneficiar(y)(ies), and the period of coverage.

We advise you to keep this document close by as you move about, it provides you with the procedures to be followed in case of an incident (see the back of the document for the telephone numbers to call in case of emergency).

For the “assurance annulations” (cancellation insurance) guarantee, you or your beneficiaries must notify your T2GP agency about your cancellation as soon as the covered event preventing your departure occurs, and notify us within 5 business days following declaration of your cancellation to your T2GP agency.


You may contact us

-by telephone at 33 (0) 1 49 65 25 61

-by fax at 33 (0) 1 55 92 40 41

-by email at the following address: Gestion.Assurances@ axa-assistance.com

- or by registered letter with confirmation of receipt:

This letter should be sent to:

Service Gestion des assurances voyage 6 rue André Gide
92320 Châtillon

•Beyond this timeframe, if we incur any prejudice due to the lateness of your declaration, you lose the right to receive any indemnity.

•Any declaration that does not conform to the provisions specified in the insurance guarantees results in the forfeiture of any right to reimbursement.

•If necessary, the case manager reserves the right to subject you, at his expense, to a medical assessment. This request is sent by registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

•We reserve the option, if necessary, of requesting additional items.


Article 1. Purpose


The present conventions regarding insurance and travel assistance, composed of and governed by the special conditions, the terms and conditions and the information stated in the particular conditions serve to guarantee, within the defined limits and conditions, the insured for and during his travel.

Article 2. Subscription


The subscription must be done on the day of signing up for the trip or, at the latest, the day before the first day of application of the penalties specified in the scale of the trip organizer.

Article 3. Definitions


3.01 About us

INTER PARTNER Assistance - branch for France, acting under the brand AXA Assistance

6 rue André Gide

92320 Châtillon

3.02 Particular conditions

Document duly completed and signed by the insured on which appear the last and first names, address, travel dates, country of destination, period of guarantee, price of the trip including tax, option chosen, the date of establishment of this document and the amount of the corresponding insurance premium.

In case of an incident, only subscriptions for which the premium has been paid are honoured.


3.03 Beneficiary / insured

Natural person, designated hereafter by the term “you”, declared by name in the particular conditions and having paid his insurance premium.

3.04 Family members

Your legal or common-law spouse or any person bound to you by a Pacs (civil solidarity pact), your ascendants or descendants or those of your spouse, your fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, brothers, sisters, brothers-in- law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces or those of your spouse.

They must be domiciled in the same country as you unless there is a contractual stipulation to the contrary.

For the “Assurance Annulation de voyage” (trip cancellation insurance) guarantee, only family members listed for causal event1 may be covered by the guarantee.


3.05 Close relation

Any natural person whom you designate or one of your beneficiaries. This person must be domiciled in the same country as you.

3.06 Domicile

Your principal and usual place of residence.

It is located in France, in another country of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or in Norway.

3.07 France

Continental France, the Principality of Monaco and the Overseas Departments.

3.08 Abroad

Any country outside of the country of your domicile.

For the insurance guarantee for medical expenses abroad, the Overseas Territories are assimilated to being abroad when your domicile is located in France.

3.09 Trip

Stay / package, cruise, ticket for transport (including flight only) reserved with the trip organizer and for which the dates, the destination and the cost appear in the particular conditions.

3.10 Territoriality

The guarantees are granted all over the entire world, with the exception of “Individual accident” and “Civil liability” insurance guarantees, which do not cover accidents occurring in Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea.

3.11 Accident with serious bodily harm

Serious change in health resulting from a sudden action involving an external cause that was unintentional on the part of the victim, observed by a competent medical authority and resulting in the issue of a prescription for medication to the ill person and involving the cessation of any professional or other activities.

3.12 Serious illness

Sudden and unforeseeable change in health observed by a competent medical authority and resulting in the issue of a prescription for medication to the ill person and involving the cessation of any professional or other activities.

3.13 Serious bodily harm

Accident or illness that is unforeseeable, whose nature could lead to, in very short order, significant aggravation of the condition of the victim if adequate care is not administered quickly.
Accident refers to: Serious alteration of health caused by an external event that was sudden, unforeseeable, violent and independent of the will of the victim.

Illness refers to: Sudden and unforeseeable alteration of health observed by a competent medical authority.

3.14 Medical team

Structure adapted to each particular case and defined by our medical assessor.

3.15 Medical authority

Any person holding a valid diploma in medicine or surgery in the country where the causal event occurs.

3.16 Hospitalization

Unforeseen stay, lasting more than 24 hours, in a public or private care establishment, prescribed medically, for medical or surgical treatment following serious bodily harm.

3.17 Immobilization at the domicile

Obligation to remain at home following serious bodily harm, upon doctor’s orders and for a duration of greater than 5 days.

3.18 Serious property damage at home, business space, agricultural operation

Premises that has become materially damaged and uninhabitable, including in case of natural disaster within the framework of the provisions resulting from Law no. 86-600 of 13th July 1986 relative to the indemnification of victims of natural disasters.

3.19 Natural disasters

Natural disaster refers to a phenomenon such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a tidal wave, a flood or natural cataclysm resulting from the abnormal intensity of an agent that is natural and recognized as such by the public powers.

3.20 Public transport of travellers

Service issuing transport tickets for a fee, remitted by a certified agent or by a travel organizer whose hours, availability and prices are announced publicly.

3.21 Domestic animals

Family pets (dogs and cats only and 2 at most) living habitually at your domicile and whose vaccinations are up-to-date in conformity with regulations in effect. 

Dogs of the 1st and 2nd categories are not covered.

3.22 Deductible

Fixed amount stated in the table of special conditions based on the formulas retained and remaining the responsibility of the insured in case of indemnification occurring following an incident. The deductible may also be expressed in days, hours or as a percentage.

3.23 Maximum per event

In case the guarantee is exercised in favour of several insured victims for the same event and appearing in the same particular conditions, the guarantee of the insurer is, in any event, limited to the maximum amount specified for this guarantee regardless of the number of victims. Afterwards, the indemnities are reduced and settled in proportion to the number of victims.

3.24 Causal events

Serious bodily harm, death or any event justifying our intervention as stipulated in the guarantees of assistance and assurance.

Article 4. Effect and Duration of guarantees


Only trips of less than 90 consecutive days are covered, except for the trip cancellation insurance, which applies regardless of the duration of the Trip.

The dates of departure (00:00) and return (24:h00) for the Trip are those indicated on the confirmation

The departure corresponds to the arrival of the insured at the rendezvous location set by the trip organizer, or in case of a flight-only reservation, at the location for baggage check-in, or in case of the use of a means of individual transport, upon arrival at the location of the stay.

4.01 The “Trip cancellation” insurance guarantee

The “Trip Cancellation” insurance guarantee takes effect as of the date of subscription to the present convention and automatically ceases to be in effect at the time of departure once the Insured has been registered or for rentals, at the time of remittance of the keys.

Article 5. Definition of guarantees


“Trip cancellation” insurance

5.01 Trip cancellation

Conventions 080211601,

(1) Purpose and amount of the guarantee

The guarantee provides for the reimbursement of the expenses for cancellation or modification of a trip, to the limit of the amounts billed by the trip organizer in application of the scale appearing in the conditions of cancellation set by the trip organizer.

(2) Limitation of guarantee

The indemnity under the responsibility of the insurer is limited solely to the expenses for cancelation or modification of a trip owed as of the date of occurrence of the event resulting in application of the guarantee with the maximum set as the amount specified in the special conditions with deduction of the port and air taxes related to embarkation of the passenger, insurance premiums, visa expenses and administrative charges (retained by the tour operator and not reimbursed under the present convention).

(3) Deductible

No deductible is applicable in case of the occurrence of one of the events specified in paragraphs 1 (1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3) and 2 of article (4) Nature of the guarantee, hereafter.

An absolute deductible per beneficiary or enforceable third party, the amount of which appears in the special conditions, is applicable to each person in case of the occurrence of one of the events in paragraphs 3 to 24 of article (4) Nature of the guarantee hereafter.

In case of cancellation of a maritime crossing, only one deductible per booking is retained.

(4) Nature of the Guarantee

1.In case of serious bodily harm, serious illness (including relapse, aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing condition, as well as the aftermath and consequences of an accident having occurred prior to subscription to the present convention) or death:

1.1.of yourself, your spouse or your common-law spouse to whom you are bound by a Pacs (civil solidarity pact), of one of your ascendants or descendants, brothers or sisters, brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law, sons or daughters-in-law, fathers or mother-in-law, of your legal guardian, regardless of their country of domicile, as well as any person habitually living with you;

1.2.of a handicapped person living under your roof;

1.3.of your professional replacement or the person charged with keeping your minor-age children, designated under particular conditions (a single name of professional replacement or childcare provider may be designated under the particular conditions).

2.In case of the death or hospitalization for more than 48 consecutive hours of one of your uncles or aunts, nephews or nieces or of those of your legal or common-law spouse;

3.In case of contra-indications of vaccinations and/or following the obligatory vaccinations for your travel;

4.In case of serious property damage, including that following a natural disaster, occurring at your home or at your professional premises or at the agricultural establishment of which you are the owner, tenant or occupant free-of-charge and imperatively necessitating your presence at the premises to carry out the necessary conservatory activities;

5.In case of a serious accident, serious illness or death of the person with whom you were going to stay or in case of serious property damage occurring at the domicile of this same person;

6.If your spouse were to be laid off for economic reasons, provided that the procedure was not undertaken as of the day of your subscription to the present convention;

7.In case of clear and unforeseeable complications with your pregnancy, in case of miscarriage, therapeutic interruption of pregnancy and its aftermath;

8.In case of pregnancy that was unknown at the time of registration for the trip and contraindicating the trip for you due to the very nature of this;

9.In case of hospitalization of more than 3 consecutive days for depression or a psychiatric, nervous or mental illness;

10.In case of an administrative notice-to-appear imperatively attested to by an official document, that is unforeseeable and unchangeable from a date that falls on the date of your trip, provided that you were not aware of the notice-to-appear on the date of subscription of the present convention;

11.If you must be present at a make-up examination for a date which is on a date that falls during your travel, provided that failure of the examination was not known on the day of subscription to the present convention;

12.In case of a notice-to-appear regarding the adoption of a child or for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit or for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit or for an organ transplant for a date occurring during your trip, provided that the notice-to-appear had not been received on the date of subscription of the present convention;

13.In case you obtain a salaried job or an internship with compensation from Pôle emploi which has to start before the return from your trip, although you were registered with Pôle emploi as of the date of subscription of the present contract, to the exclusion of the prolongation or renewal of your employment contract or your internship.

The guarantee does not apply to assignments (obtaining, extension, renewal) given by temporary companies;

14.In case of your divorce or separation recorded at the registry of the court, provided that the date of recording is after the date of subscription of the present convention;

15.In case of refusal of your tourist visa attested to by the authorities of the country chosen for your trip, provided:

-that the request was filed within the timeframes recommended for the trip destination,

-that no request had been filed before and refused by these authorities for a previous trip;


16.In case of a job transfer obligating you to move before the return from your trip, provided that you were not aware of the transfer at the time that you subscribed the present convention and it was not the result of a request from you;

17.In case of a theft at your domicile, at your professional premises or at the agricultural establishment of which you are the owner, tenant or occupant free-of-charge, in the 72 hours preceding your departure and imperatively necessitating your presence at the premises to carry out the necessary conservatory activities;

18.If an accident in the public transport for passengers which you are using causes you to miss the flight or boat reserved for your departure; provided that you have made arrangements to arrive at least two hours before the deadline for embarkation;

19.In case of modification or elimination by your employer of the paid leave granted prior to subscription of the present convention, provided that your reservation for the trip was made after the granting of the period of paid leave.

The guarantee only applies to salaried employees for whom the granting and elimination/modification of said vacation is authorized by a hierarchy.

The guarantee is not applicable to the legal representatives of a company, in the self-employed professions;

20.In case of the theft of your identity papers or your transport ticket, which are indispensable to your trip, in the 48 hours preceding your departure and preventing your from carrying out the formalities with the border authorities;

21.In case of serious damage to your vehicle in the 48 hours preceding your departure and rendering the vehicle irreparable within the timeframes necessary for you to arrive at the rendezvous location stated by the trip organizer or to the location of your stay by the date initially specified and to the extent that your vehicle is indispensable for getting you there;

22.In case of cancellation granted under the present guarantee to one or several persons who are beneficiaries of the present guarantee subscribed under the same particular conditions as you and, due to this cancellation you are left to travel alone or with another person. In case of the event specified in article 1 of the present guarantee, this provision is extended to 6 persons maximum included in the same particular conditions as you and having paid the insurance premium. Meanwhile, for persons included in the same tax household, all persons insured from the tax household are covered under the “Cancellation” guarantee.

23.If you decide to leave alone, inasmuch as the cancellation of the trip of the person having to share the double hotel room reserved for your stay is covered by the present guarantee, the guarantee provides for the reimbursement of your additional hotel expenses incurred by this cancellation to the limit of the amount of the indemnities that you have paid in case of cancellation;

24.If it is impossible for you to leave, if you may transfer your trip to another person, we take responsibility for the charges for the change of name of the beneficiary with the trip organizer when this latter party provides for this in its terms and conditions of sale.

(5) What must you do in case of cancellation?

•You, or one of your beneficiaries, must notify your travel agency about your cancellation as soon as the covered even preventing your departure occurs.

In fact, our reimbursement is calculated according to the scale for cancellation expenses in effect as of the date on which the event is first recognized for application of the guarantee.

• You must notify us in the 5 business days following the declaration of your cancellation to your travel agency by conforming to the procedure of declaration as described in the Article “Terms and Conditions of application”.

•Your declaration must include the following information:
-your last name, first name and address
-convention number
-precise reason for your cancellation (illness, accident, professional reason, etc.)

-name of your T2GP agency: KY Agency

•We will send you or your beneficiaries the necessary information to be provided.

It must be returned to us completed, along with a copy of the convention and all the documents requested to justify the reason for the cancellation and to estimate the amount of prejudice (subscription form, original of the invoice for the expenses of cancellation, originals of the transport documents).

•If the reason for this cancellation is an illness or bodily harm, you or your beneficiaries must also provide, in the 10 days following your cancellation, in a confidential envelope to the attention of our Medical Director, the initial medical certificate specifying the date and nature of your illness or accident.

•Beyond this timeframe, if we incur any prejudice due to the lateness of your declaration, you lose the right to receive any indemnity.

•Any declaration that does not conform to the provisions specified in the present guarantee results in the forfeiture of any right to reimbursement.

•If necessary, the case manager reserves the right to subject you, at his expense, to a medical assessment. This request is sent by registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

•We reserve the option, if necessary, of requesting additional items.

(6) Reimbursement

The reimbursement of expenses for cancellation is sent directly to your attention, or to that of your beneficiaries, or to your travel agency or to any other person upon express and written request from you.

The administrative charges, charges for visa, port and airline taxes related to the embarkation of the passenger, as well as the insurance premium, may not be reimbursed.

(7) Exclusions

The exclusions common to all guarantees of the present convention are applicable.

In addition, cancellations following one of the following events or circumstances are excluded:

•Events occurring between the date of reservation of the trip and the date of subscription of the present convention.

•Accidents or illnesses having already been observed or treated, or involving a relapse or hospitalization between the date of reservation of the trip and the date of subscription of the present convention.

•Pathologies having resulted in hospitalization in the 30 days preceding the travel reservation.

•Cancellations due to the transporter or trip organizer.

•Depression, psychiatric, nervous or mental illness leading to no hospitalization or hospitalization of less than or equal to 3 consecutive days.

•Voluntary interruption of pregnancy, its aftermath and complications.

•Aesthetic treatments, therapy, in vitro fertilization.

•Cancellations resulting from periodic examinations of control and observation.

•Cancellations resulting from the non-presentation, for any reason at all, of one of the documents that are indispensable to travel, except in the cases specified under the present guarantee.

•Delay in obtaining a visa.

•Mechanical breakdowns involving your vehicle.

(8) Other causes

The guarantee is extended if you cancel:
•due to an external event that is sudden, unforeseeable, justified, and independent of your will, prevents you from travelling and occurs between the date of subscription of the insurance convention and the date of your departure.

•in case of rioting, attacks or an act of terrorism or in case of a natural disaster occurring abroad, within a radius of 100 km of the location of your vacation or in the city or destination of your stay. The guarantee is extended to you in case of rioting, attacks or an act of terrorism, or in case of a natural disaster when the following conditions are satisfied:

- The event resulted in property damage and bodily harm in the city or destination of your stay,

- The French ministry of foreign affairs advises that people avoid travel to the cities or destination of your stay,

- The impossibility for the organization or authorized intermediary for your travel to offer you another location of destination or stay in replacement,

- The date of your departure is planned less than 30 days after the date of occurrence of the event,

- No similar event has occurred in the city or destination of your stay in the 30 days preceding the reservation of your package.

•in case of the absence or excess of snowfall, only in resorts located at altitudes greater than 1,500 meters, between 15th December and 15th April and resulting in the closing of more than 2/3 of the mechanical lifts, normally in service at the site of your stay, for at least 2 consecutive days in the 5 days preceding your departure.

For all reasons for cancellation other than those mentioned in paragraph (4) of the “Trip cancellation” guarantee, the deductible per person is set at 50 EUR.

In case of the cancellation of a sea crossing, the deductible is applied per reservation with a minimum of 50 EUR.


The exclusions common to all guarantees of the present convention are applicable. Other exclusions include:
•Any circumstance representing only a simple inconvenience to your trip.

•Any event whose responsibility could be incumbent upon the trip organizer in application of headings VI and VII of law No. 92-645 of 13th July 1992 setting the conditions of exercising the activities of organizing and selling travel stays.


Consequences and/or events resulting from the following are excluded and may lead to no intervention on our part or indemnification of any kind:

• the abusive use alcohol (blood/alcohol level higher that that established by regulations in effect), the use or absorption of medications, drugs or narcotics not prescribed medically,

• an intentional or fraudulent act on your part,

• participation as a competitor in a competition sport or rally granting the right to national or international ranking,

• practice of any sport on a professional level,

• participation in competitions of contests of endurance or speed and their preparatory trials, aboard any machine of locomotion on land, water or in the air,

• practice of high-mountain climbing, bobsleigh, skeleton, hunting of dangerous animals, aerial sports or speleology,

• the consequences of non-respect of the recognized rules of safety related to the practice of any leisure sports activity,

• voluntary non-observance of the regulations of the country visited or the practice of activities not authorized by the local authorities,

• official interdictions, seizures or obligations by the public authorities,

• civil or foreign war, rioting or popular movements, lock- out, strikes, attacks or acts of terrorism, piracy, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclone, volcanic eruptions or other cataclysms, disintegration of an atomic nucleus, explosion of devices and radioactive nuclear effects,

• epidemics, effects of pollution and natural disasters, as well as their consequences.

Article 6. Restrictive conditions of application


6.01 Responsibility

We cannot be held responsible

• for any loss of a professional or commercial nature that you incur following an event having necessitated our intervention.

• for the consequences of eventual delays, hindrance or professional fault of the service provider contacted.

We cannot replace local or national organizations for emergency response or research, and we do not accept responsibility for expenses incurred due to their intervention, unless otherwise contractually stipulated.

6.02 Exceptional circumstances

We agree to mobilize all means of action at our disposal to implement all of the guarantees specified in the convention.

However, it is understood by common accord between the parties, that our commitment is based on an obligation of means and not of results, taking into account the context in which we could be required to provide our services.

As such, we cannot be held responsible for non-execution or delays caused by civil or foreign war, declared or not, general mobilization, the requisition of persons and equipment by the authorities, any act of sabotage or terrorism, any social conflict such as strikes, rioting, popular movement, the restriction of free circulation of property and persons regardless of the competent authority that imposes it, natural disasters, the effects of radioactivity, epidemics, and infectious or chemical risk, all cases of force majeure rendering execution of the convention impossible.

Article 7. Legal framework

7.01 Information and freedoms

Within the framework of quality control for the services rendered, telephone conversations between the beneficiaries and the services of AXA Assistance may be recorded.
In conformity with articles 32 et al of law no. 78-I7 of 6th January 1978 modified relative to information systems, files and freedoms, the beneficiary is informed that the personal information that will be gathered during his call is indispensable to implementation of the services of assistance defined in the present terms and conditions. The absence of response shall result in forfeiture of the guarantees specified by the convention. This information is intended for the internal use of AXA Assistance, as well as that of persons called upon to intervene and those responsible for the establishment, management and execution of the contract, to their limit of their respective
duties. The beneficiary has the right to access and correct the information which concerns him, by contacting: Service Juridique d'AXA Assistance - 6 rue André Gide - 92320 Châtillon.

In respect of the law on Information and Freedoms of 6th January 1978 modified and the decree of 20th October 2005 modified, for application of law no. 78- 17 relative to information systems and freedoms, we inform you that your personal information may be transferred to India.

The recipient of the information is the company called AXA Business Services, located in India. This company has signed standard contractual clauses established by the European Commission, with the processing manager.

7.02 Subrogation
AXA Assistance is subrogated in the rights and actions of any natural person or company, beneficiary of all or a portion of the guarantees appearing in the present convention, against any third party responsible for the event having triggered its intervention, to the limit of the incurred by it in execution of the present convention.

7.03 Statute of limitations
All actions resulting from the present convention are time-barred by two years starting from the causal event, under the conditions defined by Articles L 114-I and L 114-2 of the Insurance Code.

The time limitation may be interrupted by one of the ordinary causes of interruption of the time limitation and by the designation of an expert following an incident. The interruption of the time limitation may, in addition, result from the mailing of a registered letter with confirmation of receipt by Insurer to the insured concerning the action for payment of the premium and by the insured to the Insurer as concerns payment of the indemnity.

7.04 Complaints and mediation
In case of difficulties relative to the conditions of application of his contract, the Beneficiary must contact: AXA Assistance - Service Gestion Relation Clientèle - 6, rue André Gide - 92320 Châtillon.
If a disagreement remains, the Beneficiary has the option of calling upon a mediator whose contact information shall then be provided by AXA Assistance, without prejudice to other means of legal action.

7.05 Settlement of disputes
Any dispute related to the present convention which has not resulted in amicable resolution between the parties or, if applicable, a settlement by the mediator, shall be brought before the competent jurisdiction.

7.06 Inspection authority
INTER PARTNER Assistance is subject, in its capacity as an insurance company under Belgian law, to regulation by the Banque Nationale de Belgique (Boulevard de Berlaimont 14 - 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique - TVA BE 0203.20I.340 - RPM Bruxelles - www.bnb.be) as well as control in matters of protection of investors and consumers of the Autorité des services et marchés financiers (FSMA - Rue du Congrès I0-I6 - I000 Bruxelles - Belgique - www.fmsa.be).

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