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Specificity - Children Tickets - Disables - Pit Visit

Ticket Specificity

  • All tickets are valid for 3 days from Friday to Sunday of the Grand Prix except for the pit grandstand and general admission where a ticket per day can be booked. You will receive one ticket per day, be sure to take the right ticket on your visiting day. 


    All visitor must have an entry ticket (including children) to enter the circuit Please check children information. 


    Important note: Access zones are limited according to your ticket (see section "Access"). For combination tickets, you will only be able to access the zone of the concerned day.


    Super Pit  seats are located in the Pit grandstand between rows 13 and 16 of zones A4 to A16. You will receive a special ticket giving you priority access to gate n°1.


    PROMOTION: From 4 tickets bought and more, you can benefit from decreasing prices in some grandstands. Prices already take into account the discount according to the number of tickets. Those rates do not apply on children tickets. Promotions also apply when you book your tickets in advance. 

    Do not hesitate to consult our website from the sales opening to benefit from attractive rates.


RACE CONCERTS: Your entrance ticket gives you access to the various concerts organized during the weekend of the Grand Prix (Padang Scene). Line up program will be communicated at a closer date of the event.


Umbrellas are tooled in the stands only in case of heavy rain. You can also buy ponchos at the various "Survival Kit" stands.



Enfants Children Tickets

A child rate is available in the Pit, Turn 1 and Turn 2 grandstands. This rate is applied for children under the age of 16 years old. A valid ID card will be requested at the entrance of the circuit to check the age of each child.


For children under 7, you must sign a letter (click here to download it) to relieve the SGPPL circuit of any liability arising from your decision to bring your children.


We remind you that noises caused by Formula 1 cars and other racing cars can be dangerous for young children. 



Wheelchair Disabled

Most of the circuit is accessible to wheelchair and people with reduced mobility. Two platforms have access ramps for wheelchairs. They are situated on Empress Place (zone 4) and Turn 1.

A special ticket is needed to access to those grandstands. You can bring 2 persons with you, and must all have the same ticket. The 2 guests will be allocated seats next to wheelchair spaces in the grandstand.

We advise you to have a look in advance to the wheelchair accesses on the city and circuit. To reserve your tickets, please contact us by email: or by phone +377 92 05 59 59