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Flag Hungaroring

Length: 4km381

First Course: 1986

Number of laps: 70

Total distance: 306.63 km

Maximum speed: 305 kph

Lap record: 1.19.071 Schumacher (2004).


Localisation Localisation

Hungaroring is located at 20 km North East of Budapest, in the village of Mogyorod.


Accès Accès

Hungaroring has 7 entrance gates: main, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Voiture Voiture

It's very easy to reach Hungaroring by car. You can use 5 motorways depending where you are coming from.


- North. You can reach the circuit from the Motorway 3. At around 20 km from Budapest, you have to exit and follow the sign Hungaroring.

- South. You can reach the circuit from the Motorways 5, 6 and 7. From Motroway 5, follow Szeged, Kiskunfélegyháza, Kecskemét route. From Mortorway 6, follow the Pécs, Szekszárd, Dunaföldvár, Dunaújváros route. And from Motorway 7, follow Nagykanizsa, Siófok, Polgárdi, Székesfehérvár route.

- West. Motorway 1 then follow the Hegyeshalom, Győr, Tatabánya, Budapest route to reach the circuit.

- East. take motorway 3 then leave the motorway at the Hungaroring sign and folllow the signs through Mogyorod.


Train Train

You can take the suburdan trains from Ors Vezer Square to Mogyorod center, Templom square. Journey takes 30 minutes. From the station, the circuit is at 40 minutes walking distance. You can take an approved taxi if you prefer.


Bus Bus

The circuit provides a free shuttle bus for all F1 ticket-holders on the following routes:


Budapest, Arpad hid, busz palyaudvar - Mogyorod, kozpont

Mogyorod, kozpont - Budapest, Arpad hid, busz palyaudvar

Mogyorod, HEV allomas - Mogyorod, kozpont

Mogyorod, kozpont - Mogyorod, HEV allomas


Hélicoptère Hélicoptère

Helicopter shuttle service is available to reach the circuit rapidly. It's the fastest way to get to Hungaroring. The service is available from PrestigeAiport , located near the Danube river in the center of Budapest, or from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Helicopters land directly at Hungaroring circuit. Minibus transfers will bring to the grandstands. To avoid delays and optimize your organisation, all passengers will be given precise departure time for each journey.


Contact us to have all information.



Several official taxi companies are opparating from Budapest or from Budapest International Airpot to Hungaroring circuit main entrance during the weekend of the Grand Prix. Official taxi companies do apply a fixed prices from Budapest (around 30-40 euros), or from the airport (around 50 euros).


You will find a specific GP numbered sticker on all official taxis.


Parking Parkings

All tickets include access to a free car park (capacity is limited). Free parking cannot be pre-booked. All ticket-holders can purchase a VIP Parking and have access to the VIP street to get to the circuit. For VIP Grandstand, 1 VIP car pass for every 4 tickets bought. Bus parking is located near the main entrance.




Aéroport Aéroport

Budapest International Airport (Ferenc Liszt) is located 15 km South East of Budapest.