Stand A1

A1 grandstand is located in the first corner of the circuit, Ste Devote corner, just after the start. It is positioned facing the Sainte Devote church, patron saint of the Principality, which gave the name to the curve. This small stand gives a breathtaking view of one of the most important corners of the Monaco Grand Prix. Ste Devote corner is probably the most dramatic corner of the circuit, a genuine funnel.


Throughout the history of the Grand Prix, it is in the past memorable moments: skirmishes, accidents, ... After the main straight, where the cars exceed 250 km/ h, heavy braking expects them to pass without damage Ste Devote corner. The cars go from 250 km/ h to about 100km/ h on a small distance before re-accelerating up hill on Beau Rivage, overlooking the Casino.


There are no giant screen in front of the grandstand.

Numbered seatsNumbered seats
Giant screen unavailableGiant screen
Covered unavailableCovered
A1 (Sunday) - Main Straight 579,00 € -+ Sold out
A1 (Saturday) - Main Straight 265,00 € -+ Buy
A1 (Thursday) - Main Straight 79,00 € -+ Buy
A1 (Thursday) - Children Tickets (6-15 years old) 0,00 € -+ Buy
A1 (Saturday) - Children Tickets (6-15 years old) 125,00 € -+ Buy
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