Stand O

The O grandstand is located between grandstands N and P, facing the pool. It is much bigger than neighboring stands. Large capacity (about 1,000 seats), O grandstand offers a better overview of the pool section as N and P. The height of O grandstand provides a major visibility of the "Bureau de Tabac" turn, Louis Chiron turn and bend 15 (exit of the pool section). The cars negotiate, in this highly technical section, brakings and accelerations on the port of Monaco. Often a very lively and interesting sector during the practice and even the race.


Grandstand O low is the lower part of grandstand O. The capacity of this section is very small. It offers a more limited view than the top section. The main view is on the section of the swimming pool, especially from Turn 14 (Chiron) to Turn 15 (exit the pool area). A sector where F1 drivers have to show all their skills to negotitate technical curves and play with borders at very high speed. An excellent value for money for a very requested grandstand.


A giant screen is positioned opposite the grandstand.

Numbered seatsNumbered seats
Giant screenGiant screen
Covered unavailableCovered
O - high (Sunday) - Sunday Tickets 578,00 € -+ Buy
O - high (Saturday) - Saturday Tickets 263,00 € -+ Buy
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