Stand L

The L grandstand is positioned at the exit of the pool section, perpendicular to the pit straight. It offers direct views of the pits and the final right-left corner of the pool. You can also observe the acceleration of the cars on the straight leading to the famous Rascasse corner. The Main advantage of L grandstand is the breathtaking view of the pit lane.  Get the full excitement while teams are jockeying for the victory ! 


The drivers arrive at about 200 km/ h at the exit of the first section of the pool,  Louis Chiron's bend, before making a major brake to negotiate the exit curve of the swimming pool at about 95 km/ h. They continue with a big acceleration in front of T grandstand.


A giant screen is located opposite the left side of the grandstand to do not miss anything of the action.

Numbered seatsNumbered seats
Giant screenGiant screen
Covered unavailableCovered
L - high (Sunday) - Sunday Tickets 578,00 € -+ Buy
L - high (Saturday) - Saturday Tickets 263,00 € -+ Buy
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