Stand K

The K grandstand is the biggest  grandstand of the circuit with about 5,000 seats. It's located between the Tabac curve and the first S of the swimming pool (Louis Chiron bend). This imposing grandstand offers a breathtaking view on the track and the Port of Monaco with its yachts. An exceptionnal atmosphere during the Grand Prix of Monaco. Depending on your position, you have a view on the exit of the tunnel, the chicane of the port and the section from the Tabac corner up to Louis Chiron's turn.


The drivers exit the tunnel at about 300km/ h before braking to make a big move on the new chicane, a strategic section that offers many spectacles:   clashes and sometimes overtakings,... It's followed by a big acceleration to  negociate the Tabac turn and dive into the pool section.


There is a giant screen in front of the grandstand. The main screen of the circuit.

Numbered seatsNumbered seats
Giant screenGiant screen
Covered unavailableCovered
K - high (Sunday) - Sunday Tickets 578,00 € -+ Buy
K - low (Sunday) - Sunday Tickets 525,00 € -+ Buy
K - high (Saturday) - Saturday Tickets 263,00 € -+ Buy
K - low (Saturday) - Saturday Tickets 242,00 € -+ Buy
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